With one simple hair change, Kim Kardashian has managed to upstage Kanye West.

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Do you remember last time Kim Kardashian went blonde?

Of course you do. There were pictures everywhere and Kimmy-K herself couldn’t stop talking about how much upkeep it required to turn her jet black hair platinum blonde (spoiler: a lot).

Look familiar? Image: Getty

Now, almost a year to the day she first revealed her lighter locks, she's made the switch again.

She took her new hair out for a spin at husband Kanye West's Yeezy fashion show and album reveal at Madison Square Gardens... and promptly sent everyone into a frenzy.

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If you thought it was impossible to upstage King West, you'd be wrong, Kim's colour has attracted more attention than Kanye's new... what is it he's doing again?

But while the colour looks the same, there's a big difference about the move this time round.

Obviously put off by the constant touch ups required to keep her hair snow-white, it looks like this time Kim opted to fake it, with a long blonde wig, complete with matching all-white outfit (and family.)

No longer a family of brunettes. Image: Getty

We're guessing the change was because blonde (Kim) has more fun - and definitely absolutely nothing to do with ensuring everyone was talking about her at Kanye West's show. (Watch: Managing Editor Annie Markey gets a hair makeover. Post continues after video.)


Anne Hathaway

Kardashian's not the only dark haired celebrity to go blonde in recent days - Anne Hathaway also made the switch, albeit to far less fanfare.

Sharing a selfie on her Instagram account, the pregnant actress asked her followers "Be honest. Did I unwittingly dress like a fashion scarecrow this morning?"

Image: Instagram/@annehathaway

The answer from us is a 'no'.

Diane Kruger

It's not quite as dramatic as Kim's hair change (then again, what is?) but Diane Kruger's hair looked noticeably darker at the amFAR Gala overnight.

Her traditionally light blonde hair has taken on a bronde tone, with front strands gently fading back to blonde.

Image: Getty

Could Kruger be making her way slowly to the dark side? We can't wait to see.

What do you think of Kim with blonde hair?