Kim Kardashian has just undergone an unusual post-baby belly button procedure.

Just when you thought the expectations of a woman’s post-baby body were high enough, Kim Kardashian has some news that might just make you want to give up.

The mum-of-two revealed that she recently underwent a belly-button tightening treatment to get her stomach looking “back to normal” and later had her stretch marks removed.

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For those of you wondering what belly button tightening actually is – it’s non-invasive treatment aimed at reducing the look of lines, wrinkles and loose skin around the stomach, according to Epione, the clinic where Kardashian’s treatments were performed.

As if mums didn’t feel the criteria for their bodies to meet to be considered “hot” post-baby was extensive enough, they can now add “tight belly button” to that list.

The reality star shared the news of her treatment with followers on Snapchat on February 11.

“Anyone that’s had babies understands what it does to your belly button afterwards and how much your belly button changes then you really understand how much you need … tightening around your belly button so that it can look back to normal,” the 36-year-old said.

On Sunday she updated her fans on her second treatment.


“OK, so I just left Dr (Simon) Ourian’s office, and we worked on stretch marks today, and I feel so excited that I finally did it,”

“I’ve been so scared to do it, thinking it hurts so badly, and it didn’t hurt that badly… So, I’m so grateful and I’m so excited.”

Kardashian said she visited her dermatologist, Dr Simon Ourian, to address the ways her pregnancies with Saint, 13 months, and three-year-old North had changed her stomach.


Dr Ouiran reposted the Snapchat videos from Kardashian’s visits on his Instagram account, telling her he was “humbled” by the mention.

“Thank you, dear #kimkardashian, for introducing myself and Epione to your Snapchat friends!” he wrote.

Yes – thank you, Kim for introducing us to another cosmetic procedure women can agonise over.