We try the free app Kim Kardashian uses to perfect her selfies.

Images: The Glow

This May, Kim Kardashian publishes her coffee-table tome on selfies, called Selfish (hats off to her for calling it), and it doesn’t take Nostradamus to predict this one’s going to be a best seller.

US Weekly has reported that the Kardashian clan all use the beauty app Perfect365 (although that info-nugget comes from a “source”, which could either be Scott Disick or my dustman). [post continues after gallery]

Nevertheless, I do want my own selfies to be as pillowy as Kimmy’s, so I download the free app without delay. It has a soft purple logo that looks weirdly like tampon branding.

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First, you choose your base – and with names such as Natural, Pop, Sweet, Dainty, Silk, Breeze and Pretty, you get the idea without having to click on them all. A couple are a little more out there, like Ipsy Chick, named after the beauty subscription site. That’s me wearing Ipsy Chick at the top of this post.

Jenny or Khloe? Hard to tell.

Then you filter in more drama with a ‘hotstyle’. You can choose from Everyday, Chic, Romantic, Glamour and Wild. That’s when things get really specific, as you can start specifying a cat’s eye (don’t – it does a duff job as you when you’re drunk), smoky eye, that sort of thing, or an all-over look, such as Jennifer, Kristen, Scarlett, Marilyn.

The app doesn't really work at all if it can't find your face

Each selection has a ‘how to’ option, which tells you the best settings you need to be on. You know, instead of the Kelly Osbourne settings you probably are on.

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On my not advisable list would be: contouring nose; lifting your cheeks; fake lashes and eye glitter. Enlarging my eyes also dilates the pupils, so it looks like the glowsticks I’m waving are just out of shot. I am smiling rather more than I originally was in this finished pic though, and I think you can just about get away with that wizardry.

Before and after

Here is Kim on the already-revealed cover of Selfish. To me it looks as though she used the Hotstyle Glamour, followed by the makeup job Ocean. You really need to tinker with each feature individually – different skin effects, different lipsticks. I’m presuming Kim has her own assistant to do this (just as she is said to have one to bronze her cleavage), because this shit is time consuming. But fun.

Kim's Selfie of choice for her cover