FLUFF: Photos leaked from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's vogue shoot

More photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (or Kimye, as they’re better known) in Vogue have been leaked… And we have to say, they’re actually really, really cute. Like, legit adorable.

Kimye recently caused an uproar in the FASHUN industry by landing the coveted Vogue cover (which is usually reserved for high fashion models or celebrities who didn’t kick their careers off with a sex tape).

As Editor of Vogue Anna Wintour famously said, “To be in Vogue has to mean something”.

We’re not entirely sure yet what it means that Kanye, 36, and Kim, 33, are on the cover of the world’s fanciest fashion mag. The world’s opinions on the cover are… well, divided, to say the least.

Many mega-famous people have slammed Anna Wintour’s decision to feature the King and Queen of Reality Television on the cover of Vogue, but we’ve got to say, we don’t hate it. There’s actually a lot to love about it: As far as we can tell, Kimmy K and Kanye are legitimately in love, it’s awesome progress to have a bi-racial couple on the cover of a major magazine, and the photos are actually truly lovely.

And with this celebrity couple famous for being a celebrity couple, the inclusion of their celebrity baby famous for being a celebrity baby, North West, is completely genius.

Little North can be seen posing on a semi-nude Kanye and a semi-alert Kim in one of the leaked photos. Just look at that face.

In the other photo, they are posing as if they are really, truly in love by looking deeply into each others eyes.

The couple are used to making headlines, with their engagement and marriage preparations being the source for speculation and eye-rolling the world over.

But, in a rare classy move, there are very few photos of Baby North in public. The leaking of these photos that feature North has guaranteed a huge hype around the release of the magazine on March 31.

We want more pictures of North and maybe less pictures of Kimye, please.

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