Wedding dances are a bit awkward. Even if you're Kim and Kanye.

We’re only a little bit sad that Kanye didn’t break out into his Robot dance.

It’s been a year since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West officially became ‘Kimye’ through the eyes of an Italian marriage celebrant. And to celebrate this incredible milestone, all 95470 members of the Kardashian family have been busy uploading throwback photos all weekend.

First, Kim started by breaking the pivotal Only One Upload Per Day rule (kidding – that rule definitely does not exist in Kardashian land) and spammed everyone’s timeline with photos from her week-long wedding. The focus, of course, was on the very famous designers and the labels her and Kanye were wearing. Because #love.

What’s possibly the worst part (or best part?) Kim was enjoying some incredibly cringe-worthy captions through her throwback session. Our favourites included ‘Bae in Paris’ and ‘Sexy’.

Next, Khloe Kardashian shared the most Kim and Kanye photo we’ve ever seen. Kanye. A Yeezy shirt. A bum grab. Of course.

But the best part of this throwback anniversary was, of course, Kris Jenner uploading a 15-second snippet of Kimye’s first dance. There was swaying. There was a beautiful performance. There were awkward moments of stillness.

Look, the video is not exactly what we expected. We’re actually quite sad that Kanye didn’t bust out one of his famous moves, like his incredibly awkward robot dancing. We would have also appreciated a flame thrower or two. But it’s sorta nice, we guess.

Happy anniversary Kim and Kanye. May we forever be blessed with your incredible ability to take photogenic selfies.

Speaking of selfies, click through the gallery below for just a few more selfies of Kim:

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