Stan’s new crime thriller The Killing Kind is essential viewing.

Historically harassment cases are incredibly difficult to prove and take to trial. These barriers against justice mean that women's stories stay locked away or, in the worst-case scenario, they become victims unable to find absolution from their predators.

These very real instances of harassment form the basis of Stan's new crime drama series, The Killing Kind. Across six episodes viewers are invited to delve into a torrid world that illuminates a broken justice system, coercive control, abuse, and psychological twists that will unsettle you. 

Not for the faint-hearted, The Killing Kind is meant to make you feel uncomfortable and question the systems that aren't supporting victims — but it certainly is an important piece of essential viewing especially given the crisis we're facing with gendered violence in Australia.

What is The Killing Kind on Stan about?

Ingrid is a plucky young barrister who successfully defends a man named John during a trial in which his former girlfriend accused him of abuse and harassment. At a certain point Ingrid and John's professional relationship crosses over into something more personal, which is where things start to get murky.

The Killing Kind. Image: Stan.


What ensues is the unfolding of John who then turns his predatory behaviour on the very person who helped him evade the law when he abused his ex-girlfriend. Amidst the stalking behaviors, there's a suspicious murder and plenty of twists which leads the viewer to believe they are all connected. The big question is how will the justice system be able to help Ingrid when she's on the other side?

Who stars in The Killing Kind?

In the lead role playing Ingrid Lewis is British actress Emma Appleton who might look familiar from the series Everything I Know About Love which premiered on Stan in 2022.

Emma Appleton and Colin Morgan in The Killing Kind. Image: Stan.


It's great to see Appleton showing her range by taking on a role in a psychological thriller which is a decided departure from the wanderlust whimsy of her character Maggie in Everything I Know About Love.

Starring opposite Appleton is actor Colin Morgan who plays John Webster the man at the centre of the allegations. There's also a great ensemble that rounds out the cast with great performances from Kerr Logan, Sara Powell and Olivia D'Lima.

Is The Killing Kind based on a true story?

While The Killing Kind isn't based on one true story per se it's easy to assume that the current state of affairs inspired the original text. Based on a novel of the same name by Jane Casey this story was released in 2021 so it is interesting to see where the social context around harassment and abuse has gone since then. 

Newsflash: it's not great. 

The Killing Kind is now streaming, only on Stan.

Feature Image: Stan.

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