Three YouTube channels you probably didn't know your kids were watching.

It’s tough keeping track of what kids do during their screen time.

Some parents turn to putting parental locks on certain websites. Some ban the internet all together. Others let their kids figure it out for themselves.

Sick of all the screen-time? The Beanies is Mamamia’s new fun podcast for the little ones to listen to. Post continues after audio…

Whatever the chosen method, it’s undeniable having a kid grow up in 2017 means there’s a good chance they’ll be more tech savvy than you are.

We tracked down some kids (asked our own) and the results are in: for better or worse, here are the YouTube channels they told us they’re watching…

 Twin Toys

Age bracket it’s popular with: Six to eight years old.

This one is innocent enough.

The Twin Toys channel features six-year-old twins Eli and Liam, who basically… review cool toys.

For a reason unbeknown to me, rather than playing with their own toys kids are a little bit obsessed with watching other kids do so.

“Eli & Liam review all the most awesome toys in the world like Nerf, Play Doh, Angry Birds, Lightning McQueen Cars 2, Monsters University, Monsters Inc, Hot Wheels, Thomas and Friends, LEGO, Mickey Mouse, Batman, Superman, Spiderman & other Toys”, the channel description reads.

If you know what none of those things are, you’re not alone.

The twins mainly review Nerf guns, air-powered toys which shoot soft foam pellets.

The videos are super cute, released once a week, and are written/curated/edited/produced by the twin’s father.


If you’re youngster is watching YouTube, this isn’t a bad channel for them to be on.

Watch one of the ‘Twin Toys’ videos, in which the boys have a battle with Nerf guns, below. Post continues after video.

Video via Twin Toys

Buzzfeed Food

Age bracket it’s popular with: eight to 14 years old

If your child is into the Buzzfeed Food YouTube channel, they have great taste (ha).

No but seriously every video these guys produce is G-rated and yummy and interesting and clever.

‘Americans Taste Test Australian Food’, ‘$4 Cheesecake vs. $70 Cheesecake’, ‘$6 Cocktail vs $208 Cocktail’, ‘People Try Ikea Food’, ‘Drunk Americans Taste Test Drunk Food From Around The World’…

If this is the YouTube channel your child is dedicating their time to? Things could be a whole lot worse.

Watch an extract of ‘Americans Taste Test Australian Food’, below. Post continues after video…

Video via Buzzfeed Food

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ADHD’s World

Age bracket it’s popular with: Eight years plus.

This one’s not so innocent.

This guy takes kids’ toys, modifies them, and makes them profoundly more dangerous.

One of the videos is called ‘Most Dangerous Toy of All Time 3.0’.

Remember Nerf guns I mentioned before? The harmless toy guns little boys love? This guy turn them into homemade flamethrowers.

Watch an extract of ADHD’s World’s video ‘Most Dangerous Toy of All Time 3.0’, below. Post continues after video. 

Video via ADHD's World

If your child (most likely your son) is watching videos on this channel, you might need to have a chat about what’s safe to do with their toys and what’s not. They’re probably just watching out of curiosity. But best chat with them to be safe.

Are your kids allowed to watch YouTube? What are their favourite channels? Let us know in the comments below…