10 things we would never have said as a kid.

Do your children say many of these things?

One of the most in-your-face signs of the generation gap is technology. I’ve noticed it with the gangs of six to ten year old boys who regularly invade my house gadgets poised, shiny silver and white devices ready for an afternoon of fun.

It’s not the way my friends used to greet my parents no Hi Mrs Anderson do you have any juice?

No, not these boys. (Besides the fact they’d be stunned into silence if I asked them to address me my by last name.)

“Hi Shauna what’s your wifi password?” is usually what I am asked as I answer the doorbell.

The technology gap has always been there. The days when your Dad was the only person who could program the VCR morphed into the times when you had to set up your parent’s wifi. But just around the corner it is your turn. Just around the corner are the days when your son is the only one who knows how to work the APPLE TV and your daughter is the only one with the Netflix login. Before you know it you will be yelling up the stairs “Can one of you kids charge my apple watch? It won’t plug in”

We are doomed when it comes to technology. Our kids are going to be faster, smarter and more apt at everything computerized.

But it’s not a bad thing – who better to put to work re-programming the laptop when the latest operating system deleted its contents.

Over Easter we went to a land where technology doesn’t exist – no iPads, no smartphones, no Dora on demand. It made me realise just how governed my kids are by technology. So when I read an article on about the things kids these days say which we never did I found myself nodding along.

What do your kids say that you would never have said when you were a child?

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