Those Two Girls: Kids' lunchboxes have gone way too far.

If there’s one thing that all 21st century mothers and fathers have in common, it’s the performance anxiety that comes with packing a lunchbox.

Is it neatly organised in colour-coordinated tupperware? Does it contain at least one superfood? Did you remember to cut a message in your child’s banana to remind them that you love them?

If the invention of Pinterest (why, God, why?) has left you feeling horribly inferior, and you’re still recovering from that guy who makes all his son’s sandwiches in the shape of Disney characters, you aren’t alone.

Those Two Girls have your back, in this funny video that pokes fun at fancy lunch boxes (and the parents behind them).

“We’re raising a generation of mollycoddled children with sensory disorders,” Lise jokes. “It’s easier for a felon to get onto school grounds than a peanut butter sandwich.”

That may be true, but rest assured – there’s no peanut butter in these school-safe suggestions.

No fun, either, of course.

Just flaxseed and prunes.

Eat up, kids!