What's your child wearing today?

They’re small, they’re stylish and they’re very partial to a tutu or three.

Forget instafamous bloggers, it’s the upcoming (literally) street style stars giving us the real fashion inspiration right now.

Yep, we’re talking about kids.

The latest episode of Style Street is a timely reminder that a) not only is children’s fashion a LOT more fun but b) we could all do with putting on a tutu every once in a while.

There’s Charlie who loves her pink skirt and is partial to anything red while her brother Jake has an affinity for graphic t-shirts – even better if they’ve got sharks on.

Aiyana is also an animal lover, with a squirrel top being amongst her favourites. Oh, and anything pink gets her stamp of approval too.

Diah, the tutu lover. Image: Supplied.

"She'll go to her wardrobe and pick what she likes or say "no, no". She won't let me dress her unless it's something she wants to wear," mum Vanessa says.

Poppy is a big fan of rainbow clothes because "they have beautiful colours" and Diah demands to wear a tutu and tiara every single day.

We're very tempted to do the same.