VIRAL: Don't like your body? Learn something from these 6-year-olds about what really matters.

A bunch of kids were asked what one thing they’d change about their body. And then? A group of adults were asked the same question.

The result is ridiculously cute and completely disheartening in equal measure.

While one of the groups looked confused, shrugged and finally declared they’d add an imaginative, superhero-like body part like fairy wings, the other group’s replies revealed a whole lot of self-loathing.

And — you guessed it — the group that asked for mermaid tails, wings and cheetah legs were the kids, while it was adults who obsessed over “problems” like their skin, their stretch marks, their eyes and the puffiness of their face.

The video is a sad reminder of how we’re not born hating our bodies — but all too often, are socialised into comparing ourselves to a narrow, unrealistic body image ideals by the time we reach adulthood.

A few more sad facts about body image, gleaned from Mamamia’s first body image survey:

What do you think of the video? What would your kids say to this question, compared to your own response?