Let's be honest, kids can be the worst.

We have a lot of proof.

Parenting is no summer holiday. Children destroy our furniture, steal our make-up and then give us attitude at every turn.

Like this kid here:

"There you are, minding your driving when WHAM! Your cute kid in all pink has a message for you!"

So one mum wanted to prove that no parent is alone, and that it's not just your kid that's the worst - they all are. Anna Macfarlane created an Instagram account on this very subject.

Her hilarious and accurate Instagram account, Kids Are the Worst has more than 17,000 followers. The concept is that instead of stressing out about the fact that your child is stuck in the toilet, like this:

"Potty training should be easier. So should kids."

You just need to take a photo and have a laugh about it instead. At the expense of your children, of course.

The point of the account is to let parents know that it doesn’t make you a bad parent. You all love your children, but sometimes kids are the worst.

CLICK THROUGH the gallery to see kids being the worst...What have your children done to qualify for Kids Are the Worst? 

Want more? Try:

"And then there was the time I wanted to disown my kids..."

An open letter to myself: You are not good at all things.