Kid signs school permission slip on behalf of his parent, and we dare you not to laugh.

A kindergarten student has attempted to forge his parents signature in the most innocent (and adorable) way possible.

The child was to attend a school excursion with the rest of his class, and took it upon himself to sign his permission slip.

Bless his little heart.

He didn’t get away with it though, as you’ll see below.

The best part? he didn’t even sign an actual name, he just wrote, “He can go.”


And he wrote it twice. You know, just to make sure his teacher got it.

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The photo of the permission slip was posted to Twitter with the caption “I been crying for 30 minutes” and has since gone viral.

It encouraged an overflow of comments from other parents sharing photos of their own kids trying to forge their signatures, as well as comments from other users who were simply unable to contain their (virtual) laughter.


We hope the little guy did get to go on his excursion in the end.