The 'Apparently Kid' had given a second interview. And it's glorious.





The Apparently Kid is back, and his second interview is even better than his first.

Yesterday we told you about Noah Ritter, the little kid who was interviewed on live TV and stole the show by using ‘apparently’ as every second word (see below

Well, his interview was so popular, that the news station decided to go to his house for a follow-up.

And it’s even better than the first.

On what he thinks about lots of people seeing him on TV:

“What about the people in Africa?” Did the people in Africa see me? If the people in Africa saw me, I would give them a fish.”

On his very liberal use of the word ‘apparently’:

“No, I don’t know how to spell apparently. I don’t know what it means. I use it like ‘Wow – this is apparently annoying.'”

On what it’s like to be famous:

“It’s like being a thousand drops of heaven.”

On being thirsty:

“Wait. Can a get a refreshing drink?”

Watch the glorious interview here:


Noah for World President.



Let’s be honest, the Internet has gone a bit overboard with kids doing cute things.

Yes, we know Charlie bit your finger. We get it. But you need to shut up now because Noah Ritter is officially the best kid on the internet.

Noah was interviewed on live TV at the local fair. The reporter just wanted to know what he thought of the Super Slide, but Noah had way, WAY more that he wanted to say. Including the word ‘apparently’. About 5000 times:





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