We've found all of the kid-friendly things you can do in LA so you don't have to.

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LA may seem like a holiday destination for adults, but there are plenty of fun, kid-friendly things to do as a family. Emma Isaacs, Founder and Global CEO of Business Chicks, and an Australian mum-of-four living in California, gives us her local’s guide to four of her favourite activities for kids in LA.

1. Get creative at the Los Angeles County of Modern Art (LACMA).

The LACMA as a solid option for an outing in LA with kids. It’s a beautiful place to create memories and lose yourself for at least half a day.

The key with LACMA is not to try to do too much. We always start in the modern art galleries in the Ahmanson Building because they’re spacious and fun for the kids to see.

A highlight is the spaghetti-like installation, which is a bunch of bright yellow plastic hoses hanging from an aluminium and iron frame.

Dozens of kids run through the spaghetti at a time, collecting armfuls of it and swinging like monkeys off of it. My kids always entertain themselves in this for as long as they can before I tell them they must move on.

We always head to LACMA on Sundays because they have free kids’ art workshops. The museum takes their workshops seriously: they have well-organised tables set up and all the materials needed to make things like 3D glasses and paint.

The best part is that the activities are set up outside the café, so sit back, order a latte and watch your kids transform into little Picassos in no time.

kid-friendly things to do in LA
“We always head to LACMA on Sundays because they have free kids’ art workshops.” Image: supplied.

2. Wander around the farmers’ markets.

Los Angeles boasts some incredible farmers’ markets and you don’t have to travel far to find them. Our favourite is Beverly Hills Farmers’ Markets. We love it here because it’s easy to navigate so you won’t waste time looking through superfluous stalls, and – wait for it – there’s a vendor selling real coffee.


What you’ll find here are quality stands selling really well-priced Californian produce. We always stock up on amazingly priced blueberries, strawberries and blackberries; grab a bunch or two of in-season flowers; and some fresh hot popcorn for the kids to snack on.

The highlight is definitely the kids’ petting zoo. You get to sip on your coffee while your kids get up close and personal with the pigs, ducks, lambs and a turtle, that invariably gets unknowingly tripped over by a toddler or two. You can also pop your child on a pony ride.

They also have live music, which the kids enjoy as much as the adults. And real coffee! Did I mention real coffee?

kid-friendly things to do in LA
“They also have live music, which the kids enjoy as much as the adults.” Image: supplied.

3. Unleash your inner kid at Pacific Park.

The Santa Monica Pier is the famous large pier located at the foot of Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica.

One of the first things we did when we arrived in LA was head to the amusement park at the end of the pier, Pacific Park. For the adults it evokes a kind of nostalgic return to your youth.

You can’t help but feel a little younger and more carefree with all that ocean air, the old-school roller coasters and games and carnival food on offer. Churros, anyone?

Admission to Pacific Park is free, but I dare you to leave without paying anything. The games, rides and the food stalls are all tempting, and once you get caught up in the spirit of the place, it’s hard to resist.

My competitive nature always comes out here and I generally won’t leave without having won a toy for each of my girls, which can get expensive as there are three of them. Thank goodness the baby doesn’t know any better just yet and is happy just to go along for the stroller ride.


Another big must-do is the Pacific Ferris Wheel, which will take you up 130 feet into the air, and give you magnificent views (go at sunset!) and great photo opps.

kid-friendly things to do in LA
“Once you get caught up in the spirit of the place, it’s hard to resist going on a few rides.” Image: supplied.

4. Spend the day at The Grove.

No real visit to Los Angeles would be complete without a trip to The Grove. The Grove is a mid-city shopping and casual dining destination that comes alive especially during the summer thanks to its al fresco restaurants and attractions.

The highlight of your Grove trip will be a ride on the quaint 1950s Boston street car that runs right through the middle of the shops. The kids will get a kick out of jumping on board, and you’ll appreciate getting off your feet for a few minutes. Also be sure to visit the ‘dancing fountain’, which comes alive every hour and the kids love watching the 60-foot high water show, and its accompanying music.

If you’ve got young girls in your family, then you’ll likely not be able to get past the American Girl shop without being dragged inside. It’s a much-lauded phenomenon where you can kit out your doll with just about every accessory you can dream of. You can even have their ears pierced, their hair styled, and take them for a meal with you in the restaurant. It’s pricey so take your credit card but your little princess will thank you: it’s an unforgettable experience and your mummy share price is set to soar afterwards!

How do you keep the family entertained on holiday?