How to stop the kids fighting over the almost-empty tomato sauce bottle.


At Mamamia we may not seem like the most outdoorsy of people, given that we spend our working days bathing in the fluorescent glow of our computer screens. But there’s only so much social media that even social media addicts can handle, and sometimes our team likes to get a little dose of Vitamin D out in the garden.

These smart solutions will make the great outdoors a little more manageable, as we show you how to make a homemade watering can, the ingredients necessary for DIY insect repellent, and how to stop the kids fightings over the tomato sauce at a BBQ (yep, there’s truly a smart solution for everything).

Now it’s up to you to invite your friends over for a BBQ this weekend. Enjoy!


These smart solutions were brought to you by the all new Kia Rondo.

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