One of the Kardashians has gone blonde. And this time it isn't a wig.

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Khloe Kardashian has been a brunette for quite some time. But now the youngest Kardashian (Kylie and Kendall don’t count) has gone back to super blonde, sunkissed hair.

Tracey Cunningham is the celebrity colourist behind the dye-job. She also tends to the hair of Chrissy Teigan and Fergie. So she clearly knows her way around streaky-in-a-hot-way blondes.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star spent all day yesterday with Cunningham, and was stoked with the end result – how can you tell? Her overuse of emojis, of course.

She captioned the image, "I missed being blonde!!! Thank you @traceycunningham1 for turning me back blonde again!!! I love you girly!!!" followed by three lipstick kiss emojis - the greatest compliment anyone could give their hairdresser.

The Kardashian-Klan are mainly known for their brown hair, with the exception of Kylie Jenner (The one with the overdrawn lips) who sometimes goes for turquoise green balayage.

We think that Khloe suits the all-over lighter look. Do you think any of her sisters could pull it off?

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