Don't worry, Khloe Kardashian - we're all guilty of cake faking.

Images: Getty/Instagram.

Breaking news: Khloe Kardashian has been exposed as a CAKE FAKER.

During Thanksgiving, the 31-year-old proudly Instagrammed her “homemade greatness” (see above), declaring to her 37 million followers, “I love testing myself and seeing what I can accomplish. Now let’s pray it tastes as great as they look!”

However, an investigation by the Cake Truthers of the internet suggests some of the treats were not, in fact, baked by Khloe. TMZ alleges the pecan, cherry and pumpkin pies at the front of the photo were actually purchased from LA bakery Sweet Lady Jane — and understandably, its owner is none too pleased.

“The nerve. When I saw the pies on her table I thought, ‘She has to be kidding me’ … If she had given us credit, that would have been nice,” Jane Lockhart told The Daily News. Fair call.

Khloe shared this photo in response to being outed.


As for Khloe, well... she expressed her feelings in a slightly less measured way. "Petty motherf***ers! I have real shit going on in my life. Try not to choke on my nuts. You're sucking them pretty hard," she wrote on Twitter this morning. Oooph.

Reading about this ~scandal~, I couldn't suppress a smile. Because just yesterday, I was contemplating a cake fakery of my own.

See, I love baking. On any idle Sunday afternoon you'll often find me the kitchen in a spotty apron, whipping up a batch of cupcakes and licking every last skerrick of cream cheese icing off the beaters.

But at this time of year? Hell no. Not going to happen.

Watch: Here's a cake recipe that's so quick and easy, you wouldn't need to fake it. (Post continues after video.)


Between all the last minute shopping, the flurry of pre-Christmas 'catch ups', getting ready to travel home and just getting stuff done before December 25, the mere thought of finding time to bake causes panic.

And I've got it pretty easy — I don't have have a partner, kids, and all their end-of-year commitments to juggle along with mine.

Anyway. Yesterday, I learned my office is holding a baking swap tomorrow and we're all encouraged to bring in home-baked delicacies to try and trade. Usually I'd have my oven mitts at the ready, but it's a little short-notice and I've barely had time to cook myself dinner in the past 48 hours, let alone a cake. At the same time, I don't want to be a killjoy.

Just to prove I'm not a terrible person, here are the cupcakes I made for a bunny-obsessed colleague's birthday a few years ago. 100% home made.


So, blasphemous as it sounds, I've been considering purchasing some professionally-made treats for the occasion. They're guaranteed to taste delicious, they'll be better than anything I could make, and everyone's dessert cravings will be satisfied. What's so awful about that?

If I do go ahead with this plan, I certainly won't be telling anyone the cakes are home-made or publicly taking credit for work that isn't mine (cough, Khloe). That's just not cool.


However, I figure a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy is above board — if anyone really wants to know the truth, I'll happily give it to them. (Post continues after gallery.)

Surely I'm not the only one out there who's resorted to a little store-bought magic in hectic moments? To paraphrase the great prophet Taylor Swift, sometimes bakers just gotta fake for the sake of their own sanity.

There's at least one mum at The Glow HQ who's sent a kid off to school Bake Day with Woolies muffins because she was only informed about Bake Day that morning. And I'll bet come Christmas Eve, the frozen desserts aisle will be full of would-be bakers who overestimated how much prep time they had.

I can't speak to Khloe Kardashian's daily schedule but perhaps in the lead-up to Thanksgiving she simply didn't have the time required for all her grand baking plans, so an emergency cake shop stop was needed. After all, her personal life has been pretty hectic recently. I give her benefit of the doubt this time.

Sometimes, bakers gotta fake. Sorry Taylor. (Image: Instagram/Taylor Swift)


What I'm getting at is that a little cake fakery isn't always a terrible thing, so long as it's performed with honourable intentions.

Life is busy and it's not always possible to rustle up the time to fetch ingredients and bake a lemon tart in time for Christmas dinner, bake day, whatever it happens to be.

As long as you don't declare you made it yourself... what's the harm?

Have you ever been a cake faker? Did you get away with it?