FLUFF: Khloe Kardashian provides further evidence of poor judgment with men.



Another day, another Kardashian kontroversy.

Moving past the typical attention-seeking methods her family so commonly use —  bikini shots and butt selfies — Khloe Kardashian resorted to posing with her rapper boyfriend French Montana while she chugs from a bottle of champagne and he holds a gun.


Like so:

Seriously, why are we even surprised?

The picture, posted first on Khloe’s Instagram and then reposted on French Montana’s, was supposedly taken on the set of Montana’s new music video, titled ‘They Don’t Love You No More’.

Oh Khlo, did you think that’d make it okay? Babes. Come on.

Given recent events like the Isla Vista massacre, Khloe’s post has fans rightly criticising her poor judgment.

A user by the name of Jasminefk commented, “this picture doesn’t make you look cool, nor does @frenchmontana… With all the money in the world you both still haven’t been able to purchase commonsense (sic) or brains for that matter! Grow up @khloekardashian @frenchmontana act your age.”

Soycappi commented, “Adore you. Hate the guns. You are a role model and this is wrong.”

This isn’t the first time Khloe has come under fire for a controversial Instagram post, and it isn’t even the first time she has posed with a gun. Khloe posted a photo of herself wearing a sheep costume while holding a handgun… Which was both confusing and sinister. She was criticised then, but clearly she didn’t learn.

We want to defend the Kardashians, we really do, but they’re makin’ it awful hard.

Seriously Khlo, stick to what you know best: wearing designer dresses and producing hilarious one-liners on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Here are more of Khloe’s Instagram pictures, including her controversial ones.

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