Khloé Kardashian's house cleaning routine is next level.


She organises her enormous wardrobe by style, season and colour and her cookie jars are stacked with surgical precision. So it should come as no surprise that Khloé Kardashian is a bit of a clean-freak when it comes to the rest of her house.

Further evidence of Khloé’s KhlOCD (post continues after video):

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Take her sheet changing routine.

Getting them off, washing them and changing them is a pretty arduous task. There’s the stripping, and the hanging, and the wrangling.

Show me a person who can perfectly fold a fitted sheet and I will show you a genius.

But this week on her subscription app Khloé revealed she changes her sheets every TWO DAYS.

On  “A Clean Freak’s Guide to Getting Clean”, Khloé said that while she may leave the same set a little longer if she is away (i.e. not sleeping on the sheets), they “definitely go in the wash every time after a spray tan.”

My babies!!! ????

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Well of course. But every two days! What a waste of energy and time. Okay, granted, it’s not likely KoKo is out pegging her own pillowcases, but what a waste of someone’s energy and time!

Khloé also washes her towels after every, single use. She also bleaches them to get out the germs.

And she has a deep fear of what lives inside her pillows. “I get new pillows every 6 months and send my duvets to the dry cleaners once a year,” she wrote in her blog. “I saw this crazy thing on ‘Oprah’ 15 years ago about how pillows hold bacteria and dust mites so I am crazy about switching them out.”

Other cleaning revelations include the fact she cleans her stove once a week and her shower every day. Again, with lots of bleach.

It all leads to one conclusion. Too. Much. Time.

Last year a former housekeeper employed by the Kardashians spilled the dirt on Khloe calling her “rude” and a “neat freak”.

“She couldn’t handle that Kim would just leave her clothes on the floor for someone to pick up. She thought her sister was a slob,” said the former employee.