Khloe Kardashian has gone blonder. Again.

After trying out honey blonde hair earlier this year, Khloe Kardashian has taken it a step further. Revealing her new look on Instagram (how else does one do it these days?), Khloe shared a few snaps of her brighter ‘do.

Khloe shared this snap with her fans on Instagram.

"I'm on my way my loves!!! Ulta in West Hills you ready?!?! I'm so excited!! PS @1maryphillips and @jenatkinhair did their thing today!! @kbeautyhair style," an excited Khloe captioned the image.

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The youngest Kardashian has been changing up her hair quite a bit this year, but we think she's nailed it with her new glossy blonde hair. (Post continues after gallery.)


The colour is thanks to celebrity hair colourist, Tracey Cunningham, who is also the hairstylist to the likes of Chrissy Teigan, Charlize Theron and Emma Stone.

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Khloe has been actively sharing snaps of her new look with her fans, but our favourite photo has to be the easter picture she shared, showing off her new warm blonde tones.

Khloe has been sharing loads of snaps of her new 'do on Instagram.

It seems that big sister Kim Kardashian has swapped hair with Khloe. Mrs Kardashian West dyed her platinum hair back to it's usual glossy black colour, confirming on Instagram that she's 'Back to my roots'.

Kim has gone back to black.

With her recent hair changes it wouldn't surprise us if Khloe will be the next Kardashian to take the plunge and go completely platinum. Watch this space.