Khloe Kardashian's fitness closet has to be seen to be believed.

Do you find yourself hopelessly staring into your haphazardly organised ‘fitness wardrobe‘?

Are you overcome with feelings of dread when you encounter your hundreds of expensive designer exercise tops?

Are your many, many pairs of runners recklessly sprawled across your floor-to-ceiling shoe display?

ME. TOO. God, isn’t being enormously rich and in possession of too much workout apparel just exhaaaaauuuusting?!

It so totally is.

khloe cd exercise closet
You’re clearly in dire need of some sweet shirt/boxing glove/pant organisation, my friend. (Images via YouTube)

Luckily for you there’s no need to fret! Recognising the fact that messy ‘fitness closets’ are a widespread and very important problem, Khloe Kardashian has made a video just for you.

In the latest instalment of Khlo-C-D, we’re taken through the expansive space where Khloe keeps her runners (which, just quietly, is the size of my entire bedroom). There’s a heap of colour coordination. There’s tops organised entirely by sleeve length. There’s Nike sneakers as far as the eye can see.

It’s both utterly ridiculous and a little bit like watching porn.

khlocd exercise closet 2
Mmmmmm who needs PornHub, anyway? Naht meeeee! (Image via YouTube)

If you’re rolling your eyes at how insanely exorbitant Khloe’s lifestyle is, you really shouldn’t be. Khloe understands that “most people probably don’t have a fitness closet” but Khloe “doesn’t have a husband” so that’s the reason she has one.

Just let that sink in a little bit…

Husband = No fitness closet.

No Husband = Fitness closet.

It’s a comment so out of touch it’s almost endearing. You can watch the video below.

All craziness aside, I can’t help but lust after this delicious space of lycra and fancy-pants pink boxing gloves. It’s bizarre and over-the-top, but good lordy lord it’s as fabulous as Khloe’s hair braids are on-point.

Never change, Khloe. Never change.

Are you an organisation nut like Khloe Kardashian?

You can watch one of Khloe’s workouts below:

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