Parents-to-be, this is how much KFC will pay you to name your baby after Colonel Sanders.


Yes, well. This is a real thing.

To celebrate the 128th birthday of Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of KFC, the corporation giant will be granting a college donation to the first baby named Harland that is born on September 9.

“All you have to do is name your kid Harland on 9/9 and your kid could get $11,000 [$15,141 AUD] for college,” KFC wrote as part of a video posted to their Twitter.


And we have… concerns.

Being a bit of an unusual name, the kid will no doubt be asked numerous times, “So where did your parents get that name from?” To which Harland’s response will be, “Well actually it was given to me as part of a company’s publicity stunt.”


Another question we have is, erm, what happens to the second baby named Harland on September 9? And the third, and the fourth? They are stuck with the name, are forever called after a publicity stunt, but they don’t even have the college grant. Cool.

And lastly, what if the kid grows up to not even like fried chicken. That would be an issue.

On the plus side, quirky, idiosyncratic names are in this year, so if you’re looking for a unique name that no other kid in their class will have, then Harland is a pretty safe bet. It last made the top 1,000 names for baby boys in America 70 years ago.

We’re sorry to report that the competition is not available in Australia, but what do you think? Is it worth the money?