How to be productive ALL the time. Genius.

Ever turned off the TV, or silenced your kids, or made your partner stop playing music so loudly, then sat down to work… and realised it was just too quiet?

Well, we’ve got you covered.

Research has found that productivity is lower when working environments are too loud or too quiet. Allow these somewhat creepy, faceless cartoons to explain…

To combat this the dearth of creativity that can be the result of a workspace that is either too noisy/not noisy enough (that pesky creativity can be pretty particular, hey?), Coffitivity have created a number of sound tracks to keep your creative juices flowing and productivity pumping.

The soundtracks include ‘morning murmur’ which produces a gentle hum to get the day started, a ‘lunchtime lounge’ that produces the bustling chatter of the lunchtime rush, and ‘university undertones’ to replicate the scholarly sounds of campus cafe.

You can find the tunes here at Coffitivity and download them to your respective android/iPhone/iPad/other iDevice.

Do you think an app like this could be the key to maximising productivity? Do you think you work better in a coffee shop? Where do you most prefer to work – cafe, in an office, or from home? 

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