A former cabinet minister just served up the most bizarre argument against same-sex marriage.

There’s only one word to describe former cabinet minister, and Liberal Party member, Kevin Andrews’ take on why same-sex marriage shouldn’t be legalised:


That’s because in an interview with Sky News, the politician compared same-sex couples to “cycling mates”.

“There are all kinds of affectionate relationships,” he said.

“I have an affectionate relationship with my cycling mates who we go… cycling on the weekends, but that’s not marriage.

“Why doesn’t the law have a place in those sort of relationships?”


Perhaps because they are VERY MUCH NOT THE SAME THING, Kevin.

Andrews then tried to insist he was not comparing his relationship with his fitness buddies to those in same-sex relationships… by calling them both “friends”.

When asked about his own Liberal party colleague, Liberal MP for Goldstein Tim Wilson’s relationship, Andrews replied, “I have commitments to friends, and affectionate relationships with friends as well.”

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“Tim Wilson’s partner isn’t his friend,” political reporter for Sky News, Samantha Maiden, responded.

“I hope he is his friend, as well as his partner, if you understand what I’m saying,” Andrews said.

Of course, as soon as the words exited Andrews’ mouth, Twitter responded to what is being called one of the silliest reasons for a ‘no’ vote in the upcoming plebiscite yet:




It was an issue tackled by The Project host Carrie Bickmore, who ended an interview with Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne by asking if he had any “cycling mates”.

“I’m actually not a cycler…I’m a walker,” he responded.

“I tend to walk alone.”

Christophe Pyne is not an avid cyclist, but intends to vote 'yes' on the upcoming plebiscite. Image via Twitter.

"Do you think you could maybe take Kevin out for a coffee and explain to him what being a same-sex couple is all about? I think he may be a bit confused," Carrie asked.

"Kevin's got to make his own decisions, he's a big grown up adult now," Pyne said.

"I've made my decision... I support marriage equality and I'll be campaigning for a 'yes' vote.

"Most Western countries have managed to [legalise same-sex marriage] and I think it's high time Australia got in sync with the rest of the world on this issue."