Fluff: The first thing Ke$ha did when she came out of rehab? Changed her name.






The artist formerly known as “Ke$ha” is out of rehab and making some major  changes. The first whopping life-change? A new name. Or, more accurately, a sensible version of her own stage name.

Yep, Ke$ha is dropping the dollar sign in favour of an ordinary letter S.

It’s the end of an era. No longer can we high-five ourselves for hilariously pronouncing her name “Ke Dollar Sign Ha”.

From now on, rapper Fifty Cent is the only musician currently referring to himself with the name of a currency. These are dramatic times.

The real sign that Kesha’s taking her name change seriously is that she’s changed her twitter handle from @Ke$shasuxx to @KeshaRose. Which is actually the pop star’s real birth name – in full, it’s Kesha Rose Sebert.

The dreadlocked 27 year old singer just returned from a rehabilitation centre in Illinois, USA, where she was treated for an eating disorder. She was snapped at LAX Airport on Thursday with her trademark rainbow hair and a jumper aptly reading “Ima Survivor.”


She also cheerily tweeted her thanks to her 3.9 million followers:

When Kesha went into treatment a couple of months ago, she was quoted as saying: “I’m a crusader for being yourself and loving yourself but I’ve found it hard to practice.”

She was applauded worldwide for her public vulnerability, and her bravery in seeking help. In February, she extended her 30 day stay to “get my health back on track”. That’s when Kesha’s mama, Pebe Sebert, checked into rehab too to deal with her post-traumatic stress disorder.

Glad to have you back on your feet, Kesha Rose. Especially without the dollar sign in your name. xx

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