Celebs are supporting Kesha in her fight to escape her alleged abuser.

Earlier today, Mamamia reported Kesha’s defeat in the court case where she sought to sever ties with long-time producer and mentor, Dr Luke.

Despite alleging sexual, physical and emotional abuse by the Sony Music heavyweight, the judge ruled that Kesha was not to be excused from her contractual obligations to him because such was not “commercially reasonable”. (You can read more on the court case below.)

Images of the 28-year-old’s heartbroken, tear-stained face have since flooded the Internet.

In a remarkable display of support, A-listers have thrown their weight behind the woman who has had her career halted for two years.

Here are some of their messages:

Mamamia previously reported:

Once one of the hottest names in music, the 28-year-old hasn’t released a single song since suing Dr Luke (Lukasz Gottwald), 42, for sexual assault in 2014.

Kesha claimed in the suit that her longtime mentor, who she signed with at the tender age of 18, forced her to snort powder before getting on a plane “and during the trip he forced himself on her while she was drugged”.

The ‘Timber’ singer also detailed an occasion where Dr Luke fed her what he called ‘sober pills’, only for her to wake up “naked in Dr Luke’s bed, sore, sick… and with no memory of how she got there”.

At one point, Kesha says he also called her a “fat f***ing refrigerator.”

She claims the incidents occurred between 2005 and 2008.

Kesha and Dr Luke (images via Getty).

The messy case, and subsequent halting of her singing career, has potentially destroyed her chances of a comeback in what is an incredibly competitive and fast-paced industry.

In October 2015, the pop singer-songwriter requested to be have her contract with Kemosabe absolved so she could pursue collaborations outside Dr Luke and the label Kemosabe. Today that request was denied because the judge wanted to do “the commercially reasonable thing”.


“You’re asking the court to decimate a contract that was heavily negotiated and typical for the industry,” Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich to Mark Geragos, the attorney for Kesha.

Days before her court date, this video of Kesha singing Amazing Grace went viral (post continues after video).

Video via CNN

Kornreich considered the fact that Dr Luke had invested a substantial amount in the singer – $60 million in her career – to ‘decimate the argument’ put forward but Kesha’s lawyers. His willingness for her to work with other producers while remaining signed to his label was also viewed favourably by the Justice.

Meanwhile, Dr. Luke counters that all of Kesha’s claims are “blatant extortion.”