Well played, Kerry Washington. Well played.

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By the end of 2015, will there be a woman left in Hollywood who still has long hair?

At this point, we have our doubts. We’re only a month into the year and already the likes of Kate Bosworth and Brooklyn Decker have gone for the chop, adding to the long list of famous types who opted for the lob and bob last year.

The 10 biggest celebrity hair transformations of 2014.

Now, Kerry Washington has gone there too. Or has she?

The woman many of us know as as Olivia Pope (from the TV series Scandal, if that didn’t ring a bell) rocked up to a fashion show earlier this week with what looked like a freshly-lopped bob, which naturally had her fans quite excited.

The 37-year-old has worn long hair for years, so this seemed like a major change.

However, things got murky rather quickly, because two days later, Kerry attended the Producers Guild of America awards looking like this:

The latest celebrity must-have haircut is called ‘The Wob.’

We've seen this all before - Hilary Swank and Camila Alves both faked bobs on the red carpet last year:

With a collection of bobby pins, a round brush, lots of hairspray and ten minutes to spare, it's actually quite easy to pin longer hair into a convincing short style (and trick everyone around you into thinking you've had a haircut).

Perhaps Kerry is trying to decide whether to go for the big chop and did the tuck-under as a sort of experiment. If this is the case, The Glow's humble opinion is that she should go for it. The more bobs the merrier.

What do you think - did Kerry cut her hair? Didn't she? Should she? Have we all been deceived?

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