Kerry Armstrong left her husband for her career, hoping she'd win him back. She never did.

Kerry Armstrong is an accomplished actress, but she’s made immense personal sacrifices for her accolades.

One of those sacrifices was her first marriage.

Speaking to her camp mates on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, Armstrong revealed that her marriage to Brad Robinson, a guitarist with the iconic band Australian Crawl, broke down when it became crucial for her to obtain a green card to remain in the United States. The young Aussie star had been attempting to forge a theatre career there.

Armstrong shed tears discussing her former husband’s death in 1996, and spoke of a single year of wedded bliss she’d shared with the “beautiful” musician, that left her wondering ‘what if’.

Kerry Armstrong says she misses the "beautiful" musician. Image: YouTube.

"When I married Brad, he watched me work and work and work because I didn't have any confidence, when we got to the States he just championed me all the way," she said.

"What happened in Hollywood, I kept getting pulled out of play after play after play. And someone pulled Brad aside and they said, "The only reason she's can't work is because you're married and she needs to have a green card." And so there was a great deal of pressure on us to, um... Not stay married."

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The pair, who'd wed in 1981, decided to split amicably and had plans to reunite at a later date. Armstrong then married her friend Alexander Bernstein in order to obtain an American visa, but the long distance between herself and Robinson, who was based in Australia, broke them apart.

"We had a pact that we'd do it for a certain amount of time and that get back together. And as it is in life, that, yeah, that didn't work out."

The 60-year-old appeared to regret the decision of letting go her "first love" despite being grateful for her three children - a son with her second husband Mac Gudgeon, who she married in 1996, and her twin boys with third husband husband, builder Mark Croft, with whom she split in 2001.

She said: "I know there are no accidents because I have come out of it with these three absolutely glorious young men as sons. (But) I think everyone should hold on to their first great love and be grateful."