No filter, no photoshop: Kerri-Anne Kennerley's bodacious bod is on the cover of an Aussie mag.

At some date in history, someone apparently informed the divine Kerri-Anne Kennerley that she was no longer permitted to wear a bikini.

Whoever they were, they were FOOLS.

We already knew that KAK was the owner of Australia’s best bum:

And now KAK has popped that bum into a two-piece, for the cover of the latest issue of Woman’s Day.

“I’m back in a bikini at 62!” Kerri-Anne trumpets from the cover.

Kerri-Anne’s back in a bikini, you guys. Image via Woman’s Day.

And just in case you were wondering, “No Filter! No Photoshop!” were used in the making of this image.

Of all her achievements — Kennerley is a stalwart of the fickle TV industry whose career began when she was just 13, an actress and a singer, an interviewer who handled a drunk John Stamos with such class, a phoenix who rises from the ashes of any career setback only to go on to greater success, and a breast-cancer survivor — this is apparently one of her greatest.


Karl Stefanovic was equally impressed by Kennerley’s accomplishments: 

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Whatever power that previously prevented Kennerley from donning her swimwear of choice is an oppressive and malevolent force.

Any woman who was likewise affected by the bikini ban, please know that you are now free.


For Kerri-Anne has vanquished the bikini ban, and this summer, ladies, we OWN the beach.

kerri-anne bikini
Kerri-Anne even has more than one bikini! Image via Woman’s Day.



Kerri-Anne Kennerley is just straight-up awesome, bikini or no. Here are some of her finer moments.