Kendall Jenner's nipples walked the runway for Marc Jacobs. The Kardashians are very proud.

Kendall Jenner – the second youngest of the Kardashian clan – is a model. She’s 18-years-old and she walked for Marc Jacobs in his New York Fashion Week show – which is a huge, career-defining moment. It’s basically supermodel territory.

But that’s not why everyone’s talking about her.

The world can’t stop / won’t stop talking about Kenny Jenner because this is what she wore down the catwalk:


Not exactly that. We covered her actual lady lumps in case you’re at work…

The NSFW, exposed-nipple version is below…

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We’re doing this for your own good…

Got to give you plenty of nipple warning…


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Kendall Nipples coming up…

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Never before has a set of nipples caused so much outrage (well not since Janet Jackson, anyway). And never before has a famous family rallied around their daughter/sibling’s right to expose herself on the catwalk so fiercely.

Oh, except for last September when Kendall posted a photo where you could totally see her nipples… and everyone freaked out in a very similar way:


For a simple set of boobs, an item possessed by 50% of the population, there’s a lot to debrief on.

Here are some questions/thoughts/considerations we have put together just to get us started:

1. It’s deeply weird that the whole Kardashian family are so proud of a photo in which their baby girl is near-naked.

2. Her older sisters, mother and father have come out in vigorous support of Kendall’s booby decision. They are pro-Kendall nipples.

3. We are talking about an 18-year-old here. A teenager, whose family are all doing the celebrity equivalent of pointing at her boobs, and saying “Oi look over here”.

4. Are we comfortable celebrating an 18-year-old’s bared nipples just because she’s on a runway? Would her family have been so supportive if this were not high fashion but rather, a porn shoot?

5. But then again, modelling is an actual career and most Kardashians are famous purely for the sake of being famous. So good on Kendall for getting a proper job.

6. For the Kardashians, this is a genuine accomplishment. Are we just being catty and really, should we be applauding?

7. Kendall’s older sister Kim gets her breasts out all the time and for less legitimate reasons: Kanye‘s clip Bound2, the sex tape that first made her famous, a casual home photo shoot. Baring your breasts is practically a right of passage for this family and Kendall has done so at the behest of creative extraordinaire Marc Jacobs.

8. As a family, the Kardashians value beauty and sexiness above all else. All else.


9. Depressingly, so does society. A lot of the time. Stupid society.

10. Marc Jacobs, a fashion icon, hired her. Who are we mere less-fashionable mortals to scoff?

12. Speaking of Jacobs, this whole scandal is a calculated move for him. Only two models in his whole show wore sheer fabric, so dressing Kendall like this is a deliberate choice to stir outrage.

13. Jacobs would have known that this is exactly how everyone would react. And he got a lot of Kardashian-induced free advertising.

14. Jacobs also knew the Kardashian sisters would come out to defend her, creating a ripple effect of publicity all over the world. He knew they’d post it to their own Instagrams – reaching millions of fans.

15. So who’s doing the exploiting here: Jacobs, the Kardashian publicity machine, or us, the public?

16. And is it actually exploitative, if Kendall is complicit in this professional boob-baring?

17. Or maybe it’s not sexual at all, to bare breasts like this. Why’s everyone freaking out about boobs? They’re just boobs.

18. Is it OK for this barely legal teen to go semi-naked because it’s in the context of high fashion?

19. It’s just another topless Kardashian. Maybe we shouldn’t even be shocked.

We’ve already spent too long obsessing over this, ah, issue. It’s time to move on.

What do you think?