Kendall Jenner just had a ruthless jab at Scott Disick.

We love a bit of drama. Kardashian drama, to be more specific.

Judge them all you want, but there are certain qualities in the Kardashian sisters we’ve learned to appreciate. Most of all, the fact that any one of them will boldly throw shade at whoever messes with their wonderfully tight-knit family, regardless of the potential backlash.

Along with the countless pregnancy dramas roaming the Kardashian universe currently, the continuing Scott Disick situation (read: his relationship with 19-year-old model and younger sister of Nicole Richie, Sofia Richie) has not at all fizzled as the family may have hoped.

Kendall Jenner’s vicious comment to a recent photo uploaded to Scott’s fan Instagram account has, if anything, added fuel to the fire.

The snap pictured 34-year-old Scott Disick and his children, whom he shares with Kendall’s half-sister Kourtney Kardashian, accompanied by Richie.

Its good to see them together???? #scottdisick #sofiarichie #reigndisick

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“Awww scott and his kids :),” Kendall dryly commented on the above Instagram photo, clearly suggesting Sofia is young enough to be his daughter.

Her supporters hailed her mockery, naming her the “Shade Queen”.

Others were quick to fault Kendall’s public expression of judgement, noting more substantial age differences in previous Kardashian relationships.

“That’s funny coming from someone who’s mum is dating a man 30 years younger then (sic) her AND whose sister is dating someone with the same age gap as Scott & Sofia (Kourtney and her boyfriend) AND who’s little sister played stepmom to Tyga’s son at just 17 years old,” someone wrote in response to Kendall’s Instagram comment.

At this point, we’re not sure who’s right or wrong, and frankly, there’s too much happening with the Kardashian clan to ever be sure.

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