There's a reason why Kendall Jenner doesn't take selfies.

Clear your schedules, because it’s going to take you a while to get over this groundbreaking news.

If there’s one thing we associate with the Kardashian empire, it’s how the famous family has perfected the art of the selfie (also butts, but that might just be us…).

Remember that time Kim Kardashian released an ENTIRE BOOK dedicated to her many, many self-taken snaps?

But now, Kendall Jenner has rocked the belief that the Kardashians are the selfie queens to the very core, by revealing she’s “not really big” on taking shots of herself.


In the October issue of Vogue Australia, Kendall said a lot of people assume she’s got the same selfie skills as her sisters.

“[I’m always asked] how to take a perfect selfie — if you look at my Instagram, you can tell I’m not really big on selfies,” she said.


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But why is she so against the selfie? Well, it turns out she’d rather use her camera for other things.

In fact. she revealed she has a keen interest in photography, and one day hopes to take her skills behind-the-lens.

“I’ve always enjoyed sharing a small glimpse into my life via photos. I more often than not will always have my camera with me and I’m just snapping pictures along the way capturing this journey,” she said.

It’s okay, you guys, because even though Kendall Jenner selfies are now listed as an endangered species, we still have the other Kardashians to fuel our selfie-stalking habit. Phew.

The many, many Kardashian selfies.

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