Kendall Jenner walks through a supermarket. Because FASHION.

NEWS: One of the Kardashians is famous for a legit reason.

Kendall Jenner, the second youngest of the Kardashian Krew, has flown to Paris to take part in their fancy French fashion week.

This means she has to walk while simultaneously looking straight ahead and not falling over/stumbling/walking backwards accidentally. According to everyone in the modelling world, she nailed it.

Chanel was the latest big fashion name to recruit the reality TV star. They put her in a coat that was three sizes too big because FASHION. And they did it all very ironically by making her walk through a supermarket and pretend she shops for groceries herself. It was so much fun.

This latest show confirms that Jenner is very versatile. In the Givenchy fashion show she participated in earlier this week, she successfully adhered to the brief ‘look stern and pouty’.

Marc Jacobs’ brief was also a breeze for Jenner, as ‘look vacant’ is standard for the modelling world.

In case you missed her previous big achievements, big sis Kourtney K uploaded a helpful info-graphic of Kendall’s big walks for your perusal:

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