Kylie Jenner just broke a major Met Gala rule with this photo.

Just when she thought no one was looking, it appears model Kendall Jenner may have finally confirmed that yes, she’s got a boyfriend – and we have Kylie Jenner to thank for it all.

Cue smooching noises and lots of “aww, cute.”

There's Kendall and her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, just being all cute and coy. Source: Instagram.

Rumours about a change in the older Jenner sister's relationship status began earlier this year when she was spotted around New York and Los Angeles with rapper A$AP Rocky, but the notoriously private reality star sister refused to comment and kept everyone guessing.

But while partying alongside her family members and friends at the annual Met Ball on Monday evening, we got some ultra-promising glimpses of the pair together which almost definitely maybe confirms what has long been suspected.

The first came when Jenner's younger sister Kylie shared her "annual bathroom selfie" - despite there being a strict no photos rule for the Met Gala - to Instagram. The photo includes sister Kim Kardashian West, rappers P Diddy and Frank Ocean, actress Brie Larson, model Lily Aldridge, and in the centre, a very close Kendall and A$AP (whose real name is Rakim Mayers).

Then, because two sources are better than one, Kim Kardashian West shared an image from inside the Gala to Snapchat, this time showing Kylie Jenner crouching with her phone in hand, taking a photo of a cosied up Kendall and A$AP.

kendall jenner asap rocky
Kendall and A$AP Rocky posing for Kylie (and Kim). Source: Snapchat.

What it all means, we can't be sure, but usually, two highly attractive people cuddling up to one another around their nearest and dearest means vomit-inducing pet names and sleepovers are more than likely a thing that's happening.

Prior to possibly maybe dating Jenner, Rocky was engaged to model Chanel Iman.