He told his new wife he had terminal cancer. The truth was far more twisted.

The start of the month saw a man said to be terminally ill with cancer marry the “love of his life” – a woman who he knew from decades before, who he’d reconnected with on Facebook.

Sixty-year-old Ken Boyer from Florida in the US claimed he had stage four liver cancer when he married Michelle Kimbrel from Missouri at the beginning of May.

They had only been in touch for a few weeks after “reconnecting” on social media and their ‘love affair’ went viral.

Ken Boyer - Cancer patient or con artist? Image via News 6.

contacting media stations

They claimed that he'd met them on the same website:

That he told them that they, too, were the love of his life.

That he'd spun the same story - he was dying from liver cancer. And that he was using the relationships for food and shelter, citing an "old landlady" who was making his home life miserable.

One of the women, Cheryl Alvarez, became suspicious when Boyer took her on a long drive. “He rode his [motor]bike. It’s five hours to the Keys and five hours back, someone going through liver cancer stage four can’t do that,” Alvarez told local media.

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There's yet another twist.

The "old landlady" was later identified as Barbara Jones - a woman who had been in a relationship with Boyer since 2015. She lived with him and planned on spending the rest of her life with him. She didn't know about the other women until she checked his mobile phone records.

Last week, Jones reportedly filed a lawsuit against Boyer to retrieve $22,000 she loaned him.

Boyer himself is doubling down, denying allegations he is a con artist.

"I have dated them all, I am not going to play their game," he told News 6. "The people that truly know me and truly love me still do, but you haven’t talked to any of them. You are only talking to angry, hateful, jealous women."