Kelly Rowland dueted with a Voice contestant, and it's taken us right back to 1999.

When Gemma Lyon took on a Destiny’s Child anthem on The Voice tonight, she was worried it would press Kelly Rowland’s buttons.

But her gamble paid off, and it was the Grammy winner who pressed her big red button first.

“I was pretty nervous about singing Destiny’s Child song to Kelly, obviously that could go very bad if it wasn’t quite up her alley, but she was the first one that turned,” the contestant told cameras after her blind audition.

Could a Destiny's Child reboot be on the cards? Source: Channel 9

"As soon as I saw that chair I was like, 'Alright, I've got this, it's okay'."

Not only did Rowland slam down her buzzer, but she was quickly followed by her fellow judges Boy George, Delta Goodrem and, after a little push, Seal.

In lieu of her usual pitch, however, the pop icon went one better and decided on an impromptu duet.

"I never thought in a million years I'd be up on stage with Kelly Rowland having a bit of a jam. Wowsers," Lyon said.

"It felt so good."

It sounded good too, and judging by the harmony of their outfits alone, this a match made in reality TV heaven.

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