Someone is leaving Fashion Police.

Kelly Osbourne has quit Fashion Police.

The 30-year-old is reported to have been pushed into quitting her gig as a television presenter and fashion critique after an incident during the show’s Oscars Red Carpet special last week.

It started when fellow host Giuliana Rancic critiqued Zendaya’s dreadlocks saying that they made her look like “she smelled of patchouli oil… or maybe weed”.

Zedaya’s dreadlocked Oscar look.

Things got pretty ugly, with the 18-year-old tweeting a long, heartfelt response in which she referred to Giuliana’s comments as “ignorant slurs” and “pure disrespect”.

Giuliana later posted this apology to her Twitter page:

But it was Kelly already found herself between a rock and a hard place – torn between allegiance to her colleagues and her good friend Zendaya. This is what went down over the week after the comments were made:

On Friday the decision was ultimately made for Kelly to leave the show – although it remains unclear as to exactly who made this call.

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E! Entertainment released a press statement that said the 30-year-old had left Fashion Police to “pursue other opportunities”.

Kelly with fellow Fashion Police hosts Brad Goreski and Giuliana Rancic at the Oscars last week.

“We would like to thank her for her many contributions to the series over the past five years, during which time the show became a hit with viewers,” the statement said.

But it’s mum, Sharon Osbourne, who has been the most vocal about her outrage with this whole situation. Taking to Twitter on Friday, Sharon voiced her support for daughter:

We don’t know about you, but we sure wouldn’t want to come down on the wrong side of Sharon Osbourne.

Kelly and Sharon Osbourne.

Fashion Police is set to return on Friday March 30, although Kelly’s replacement is yet to be announced. Watch this space.

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