A drunk man groped Sophie Monk, so Kelly Osbourne slapped him like "Kung Fu Panda."

Ultimate sass queen Kelly Osbourne and Aussie crowd-favourite Sophie Monk have become incredibly close during their time together on the set of Australia’s Got Talent.

Kelly Osbourne has revealed the extent of their loyalty after revealing that she stood up for Monk, when the latter was groped and harassed on a recent night out in Sydney.

The 31-year-old  slapped a man’s hand after she caught him touching Sophie’s chest.

“I ended up going up to them like f****ng Kung Fu Panda,” she told the Daily Telegraph.

Sophie revealed at the same time that assault is an all too common occurrence for her, that men aren’t afraid to touch her inappropriately,

“They’re more afraid of her [Kelly], but with me they’re like ‘it’s Soph’ and grab my boob,” Sophie confessed.

The ever down to earth Sophie is said to have played down the incident involving the drunken men, but Kelly was quick to note that being drunk is no excuse for such ill-mannered behavior.

“You don’t show disrespect to women like that,” Kelly said.

Kelly revealed to the Daily Mail that the pair share a unique friendship, hard to come by in show business.

“It’s so nice to work with a woman who is not competitive, we just have so much fun. You have no idea,” Osbourne gushed.

This is one friendship we are definitely loving. Happy Galentine’s day, ladies.

Image: Instagram @kellyosbourne