"My husband is running from me."

But the reason why is hilarious.

Someone call Kelly Clarkson a doctor, the 32-year-old singer has been officially diagnosed with baby fever.

Although her daughter River Rose is only seven-months-old, Kelly says she is ready for round two.

Talking about being a mum for the first time Kelly told BBC Radio, “I love it. I love it. She’s pretty awesome and my husband is running from me because I want another one!”

Kelly and her daughter River Rose. (Image via Instagram)

Fair enough, you'd want a few replicas if your daughter was as adorable as hers.

The American Idol winner says that having River has completely changed her outlook on life.

"I'm annoyed by my previous self," she said. "You have a baby and realise you worried about stupid stuff. In our job we get very self-involved and it's nice to have a different perspective. I didn't like me before, but I like me now."

She also spoke about her tough pregnancy"I was hospitalised – it was just a really bad pregnancy. So I kind of had to take off way more time than normal. My husband was like 'Oh God, you need to do something.'."

River Rose in the studio. (Image via Instagram)

And 'doing something' meant making a whole new album for Kelly. As you do.

"I made the album while being pregnant. There’s only one song I made while not being pregnant. I thought my little girl was gonna come out just being like 'shut up' because all of my songs are huge."

But it seems the opposite has happened.

"She's so weird, she loves loud music to go to sleep to," Clarkson said. "She's the perfect tour baby. She goes to rehearsals, and when we all start playing, she goes to sleep. And when we stop, she starts crying."

So if anyone reading is having trouble putting their bub to sleep, maybe try a Kelly Clarkson soundtrack.

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