Keira Maguire's I'm a Celebrity debut receives a mixed response from her fellow stars.

Last year’s season of The Bachelor delivered plenty of drama — not least when Richie Strahan chose Alex Nation over Nikki Gogan in the final episode.

But there’s absolutely no arguing the fact Keira Maguire was the star of the show. Thanks to her propensity to tell it like it is, the outspoken “villain” quickly became a crowd favourite, and it was sad to see her go.

On Tuesday night, after several days of promos, Aussie viewers were treated to another serve of Keira as she finally entered the jungle in I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here.

Suffice to say, Keira’s fellow celebrities were surprised to see her wander into their camp… and a couple of them seemed almost unimpressed.

As she nervously announced herself as Osher’s final gift — “I’m Keira from The Bachelor, for those who don’t know” — it was hard to miss the blank looks on Steve Price and Lisa Curry’s faces.

Although Keira didn’t live up to our wildest dreams by referring to her fellow contestants as “peasants” — her most iconic phrase from the good ol’ Bachie days — she did offer an honest opinion of her new digs.

“That better not be second-hand,” she quipped as Nat Bassingthwaighte showed her to her new “prime position” bed.

Keira also revealed she’d been waiting in the wings in South Africa for several days.

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“I’ve been here so long… I watched the first couple of episodes and then I’ve literally been here the whole time,” she explained.

We first learned of the star’s impending campsite intrusion on Sunday, when the happy news was announced via Twitter:

Speaking before her entrance, the star said she expected to “clash” with Ash Pollard and seemed rather excited to meet Kris Smith.

Mercifully, The Bachelor‘s host Osher Gunsberg was on hand to usher Keira into the jungle

“Keira’s never backward in coming forward,” he admitted to hosts Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown on Sunday night. Osher implied there could also be some romance on the cards, if we’re lucky.

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“She’s single, she’s looking for love, maybe she’ll find it here in the jungle.”

We can’t wait to find out.

However, Gunsberg’s money isn’t on Maguire to win the season. That honour goes to Casey Donovan.

“I watch every season of this show and I think based on who has won in the past and based on the voting habits of the public, I am going to make the call that Casey Donovan is going to take it out this year,” the host told News Corp‘s Jonathon Moran.

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