Keira Maguire hints at making a Bachie comeback this year, and YES PLEASE.

The words “Keira Maguire” and “Bachelorette 2017” just keep cropping up alongside each other lately.

And the popular, ratings-baiting reality star is making sure of it.

As producers of the juggernaut Channel 10 dating show finalise casting for this year’s season, the Bachelor 2016 alum shared a meme to Instagram on Sunday night that reads:

“Me: why is everyone together and I’m single? Also me: declines every date, takes 3-5 business days to reply, never smiles, cannot parallel park.”

And she captioned it, “Except I Always Smile & I am an Amazing Parallel Parker… Totes going to be Bachelorette 2017 #justsaying [sic]”

If only she weren't joking. No matter what you think of the 31-year-old, there's no denying that Keira + 16 thirsty men = television gold.

Sadly, even she knows the stars might not align for her.

Mia Freedman and Keira Maguire have No Filter. Post continues...

Speaking to News Corp last month, Maguire accepted she's probably a bit too unpredictable for the network's liking.


“I am a producers dream but I don’t know if I am the right fit for the Bachelorette,” she said.

“I probably would do it if they ask me but I don’t think that they will because I am too much of a risk. Every Bachelorette in the past has been so in-line, and I don’t think that is me.”

Keira doesn't think she's "the right fit" for The Bachelorette.

Maguire was cast as the obligatory 'villain' on season four of The Bachelor, before Richie Strahan decided they were on "two different paths" and sent her home.

But the huge following earned by her no-bull attitude earned her a spot on the recent season of Channel 10's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

The Bachelorette 2017 cast is due to be announced later this year.

Who knows, Maguire might be just throwing us off the scent? One can dream.

Do you think Keira would make a good Bachelorette? Who else would you like to see cast? Tell us in the comments below.