Ex-Bachelorette's girlfriend has the best reason ever for applying for leave.

In what has to be the most ballsy leave application ever to hit a HR desk, former Bachelorette contestant Kayne Buik’s girlfriend has been approved for one day of leave to “catch up on all the sex she’s been missing out on”.

For those who aren’t Bachie addicts, Buik was rejected from last season’s The Bachelorette.

It’s all in the name of “improving work etiquette”, of course.

Amy Rose, 24, is the leave-applicant in question. She’s a sales rep for the company Abacus and she and the rap singing, yoga-posing former reality TV star are doing their best to make a long-distance relationship work. 

When not starring in televised rose ceremonies, Buik, 26, is a mining electrician and often spends weeks away from their Perth home.

“We’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I last saw her two weeks ago, she’s awesome, she’s right up my alley and it’s going good between us,” Buik told the Daily Mail Australia. 

Look at my girlfriend ???? she is better than yours !! ???? @missamyrose92 #hottie #putsupwithme

A photo posted by Kayne Buik (@big.dangerous) on Jun 14, 2016 at 5:39am PDT


On Wednesday, Kayne posted a photograph of Rose’s leave request to Instagram, celebrating the honesty of his girlfriend, and the sexy long-weekend he’s clearly anticipating.

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“This is a request for leave application that my gf [sic] submitted to her boss,” the caption said. “Now let me say something speaking the truth is one thing but this, wow!”

The link between sex and happiness is not lost on Amy Rose. Image via Instagram.

Not only was Rose's leave-request approved, her work etiquette is, no doubt, about to be better than ever. Kayne told the Daily Mail the application was approved by a female boss who said: 'Sure, I know what you need.'

"She's managed to get this Monday off so I'll fly home tonight and we'll spend a long weekend together," Buik said. "We've got a hotel booked and champagne will be ordered."

If that's not the key to making a long-distance relationship work (and boosting productivity professionally, of course), we don't know what is.

And we thought Buik's 'claim to fame' peaked with his rap moves...

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