Stop what you're doing, watch Katy Perry sing on a giant golden lion.

Katy Perry just slayed at the Super Bowl XLIX.

Ahh, the Super Bowl. It’s a sport thing we don’t really understand. But celebrities perform at it, and that’s what counts. And they save the best celebrities for the half-time performance.

This year, it was Katy Perry’s turn to perform FOR 13 WHOLE MINUTES at the Superbowl. Herrre she is:

katy perry's super bowl performance
Katy looking terrified to perform at the halftime show. Jokes, she’s just singing California Gurls. Image via Getty.

She ROARED onto stage (Geddit? Because she sang a song called Roar! But also, she is fierce!)

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For reasons that we don’t quite understand but were obviously for #art, Katy mounted a giant gold lion as she made her way through the field and sang aforementioned song calledc Roar. 

She was joined by an array of other artists, like Missy Elliott, for a cameo before finishing with Firework, accompanied by – you guessed it – fireworks. Original stuff, K.P.

katy perry's super bowl performance
Katy Perry, dressed as a firework, performing Firework, as fireworks go off behind her. Firework. Image via Getty.

She performed Roar, Dark Horse, I Kissed a Girl, Teenage Dream, California Gurls, Missy Elliot’s Work It and her own, Firework. 

Watch the whole bloody fantastic, incredibly entertaining performance below.

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