Fluff: Katy Perry hilariously tries to be a weather girl, pronounces everything wrong.

Katy Perry is here. Quick, everyone swap their ordinary clothes for a lycra cupcake costume.

The hottest female pop singer in the world right now (she has 50 million Twitter followers guys, that’ll do as evidence) just touched down in Sydney. The 29-year-old Roar singer – who recently split with her fop-haired singer/womanizer boyfriend John Mayer – is here to promote her Prism tour in November/December this year. Which means her first stop was breakfast TV show Sunrise.

We’re not entirely sure how or why, but Katy ended up presenting the weather. And may we say, Katy, as a weather girl – you are beautiful chaos.

Here’s the hilarious clip of Katy Perry presenting the weather. According to K-Pez (may we call you that?) it’s currently 20 degrees in “Hogwarts” (or as the locals call it, Hobart). And we’ve all been saying the word Canberra wrong this whole time. It’s actually pronounced “coon-a-burra”.


Katy also posted this awesome pic, where she got “koala-bombed”.

We’re going to use that now, every time a rogue native Australian creature pops up behind us when we’re presenting the weather on national TV.

So, in other words, pretty much every day.

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