Katy Perry's haircut meant a whole lot more than just hair.

Two months ago, pop superstar Katy Perry had her famously luscious hair cut away, radically transforming her image.

But as the 32-year-old singer has spoken about in a revealing live video, the effects weren’t just superficial.

In a 36-minute clip streamed on her YouTube channel, Perry explained what had changed for her after the makeover.

“I started dressing for me, I started styling myself for me, and not for anyone else. Because I think, quite honestly – and this is hard for me to share, but I’ll share it with you – I think maybe I over sexualised myself a little bit growing up and especially in the first part of my career,” she said.

katy perry over sexualised
Perry says her new look has changed her life. Image: Getty.

"It was one of the ways I got attention. And I think that was because of, just, my past, and stuff that had happened in my past."

While Perry didn't elaborate on what occurred, she said she's undergone a "healing" process that means life is vastly different for her today.

"I don't fear intimacy and I don't see myself over-sexualising myself," she said. "I feel very sexually empowered."

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In the clip, which has since been viewed more than 300,000 times, Perry argued that her upcoming album will show the ways in which she's grown up.

"I'm not there yet, because I don't believe there's any destination. But I grew up, and I grew into a woman," she said.

"I feel like I've been mentally liberated, I feel like I've been sexually liberated, I feel like I've been physically liberated, I feel like I've been liberated from negativity. So I feel like I've really shed a layer...

"I guess cutting my hair was the physical representation of that."