Katy Perry just lost a lot of fans after posting this image.

They’re pretty offended.

Singing sensation Katy Perry has been slammed on Instagram after she posted a photo of a Japanese menu that advertised raw whale meat.

The menu photo shows a large plate of raw whale sliced into sashimi, which is a Japanese delicacy. The restaurant’s English translation of the dish was “raw pounded whale”.

The 30-year-old popstar wrote the following photo caption: “Like a raw pounded whale”.

Katy Perry posted this photo of raw whale meat to her Instagram account (via Instagram)

While many of the singer's fans were content to express disgust over the photo, other have urged Katy to delete the image with some followers threatening to boycott the singer for allegedly eating whale meat.

But others have urged people not to jump to conclusions, particularly as it was unclear whether the singer did eat the dish.

Japan has continued to hunt whales using the scientific exemption despite worldwide criticism. The ABC has reported Japan has made no secret that the whales caught by taxpayer-funded ships is also commercially eaten.

Katy is in Japan for her Prismatic World Tour.

Should Katy Perry have posted the menu photo?

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