One of Katy Perry's exes is very unhappy about being ranked last in her 'sex rating'.

It seems not even world-famous music producers are immune to feeling a little bit deflated when their former lovers diss their performance in bed.

Earlier this week, Katy Perry publicly ranked DJ Diplo behind her fellow exes John Mayer and Orlando Bloom in terms of sexual prowess.

As it turns out, he had something to say about that.

Listen: Indi is happily married, but can’t stop obsessing about sex with strangers. Should she just do it and not tell her husband.

To be fair, the pop star’s arm had been firmly twisted by talk show host James Corden before she made the revelation during her four-day live stream over the weekend.

After much protest and insistence that they were all “amazing lovers”, Katy agreed to rank the three exes James named in order of how much they rocked her world: 1. Mayer, 2. Bloom and 3. Diplo, whom she dated very briefly in 2014.

Not about to let this ruin his reputation, Diplo fired back a brutal six-word response on Twitter.

We get it, Diplo. Sex with Katy Perry wasn’t memorable. Clever.

However, the 38-year-old later decided to put a positive spin on his ranking.

Yep, that’s one way of looking at it.

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