Was Sydney siege victim Katrina Dawson shot by a police bullet?

Multiple police sources have told Fairfax media that Sydney siege victim Katrina Dawson, barrister and mother-of-three, was shot by a police bullet when police stormed the Lindt Café in the early hours of 16 December.

Katrina Dawson

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The raid was triggered after gunman Man Haron Monis executed one of the hostages, café manager Tori Johnson at close range.

Monis was killed in the police shoot out and three women also received gunshot wounds. Police sources now say that Katrina Dawson was also killed at this time.

The SMH reports that the victims were taken to separate hospitals so the police investigation into the incident would not be compromised.

Katrina Dawson’s death will be investigated by the NSW Coroner, once the police investigation is complete.

Spokespeople for police and the NSW Police Minister have chosen to make no comment on the leaked investigation findings, saying that they will await the outcome of the official police investigation.

A spokesman for Police Minister Stuart Ayres told the SMH: “The minister will be making no comment whilst there is a critical incident investigation taking place.”

Prime Minister Tony Abbott, the Daily Telegraph reports, has written to Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove asking for his assistance in recognising the heroism displayed by Katrina, and other Siege victims, through bravery awards. He said, “as you would be aware, there are already reports of brave actions by Mr Tori ­Johnson and Ms Katrina ­Dawson, both of whom were tragically killed.


“I respectfully ask for your support in ensuring the (Bravery Decorations) Council gives proper consideration to the actions of those involved in this tragic event.

“There may well be other significant acts by surviving hostages, police and others involved that are worthy of recognition”.

Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson were held hostage with 16 others in the Lindt Café by Monis for 16 hours.

Twelve hostages managed to escape before police officers from the Tactical Operations Unit broke into the café after a sniper indicated a hostage had been shot.

Katrina Dawson was a Sydney barrister and mother-of-three – two girls and a boy. The youngest child, a girl, is just four years old.

Ms Dawson worked at Selborne chambers on Phillip Street in Sydney’s CBD, just a minutes’ walk from the Lindt cafe. She was getting a coffee with her work colleague at the time of the siege.

At the time of her death, her family released a statement which said, “We are shocked and devastated by the tragic and senseless death of our darling Katrina.

“She was an amazing woman and the most loving and loved wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, in-law and blessed with a wonderful circle of friends and colleagues.”

Her husband, Paul, said at her memorial, “her love for her children was limitless.” He especially wanted their children to know that their mother would have only been thinking of them as the horror of the siege unfolded.”I doubt she would have laid down her life for Julie although we were all worried for Julie and her unborn child,” Paul said, referring to reports Katrina was killed defending her pregnant friend, Julie Taylor.

He looked at his children as he said, “Her focus was 100 per cent on getting home for Chloe, Oliver and Sasha, and to me that makes her even more of a hero.”