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This celebrity's husband slept with her two best friends. Why is she the one apologising?





Katie Price just gave birth to her fifth child.

It’s her second baby with her third husband, and the baby girl arrived two weeks earlier than expected.

Are you keeping up?

Husband #3 is a 26-year-old former stripper called Keiran Hayler. The couple already have one kid, 11-month-old Jett.

But here’s where it gets sordid. And genuinely sad.

Earlier this year, Katie found out that Keiran was sleeping with two of her close friends. At first, she was furious and vowed to leave him, on account of his extreme sleezebaggery and betrayal. But then he confesses that he’s getting therapy for being addicted to sex. That, and because she was pregnant with his baby, prompted Katie to forgive him.

Now, she’s considering taking him back. She thinks his infidelity is her fault because she “put on a bit of weight.”

“In the beginning I was ready to divorce Kieran,” she told OK  Magazine. “Now I’ve learnt more about [sex addiction], I thought, Did I do something wrong? I put on a bit of weight.”

Let’s hear that again.

“Did I do something wrong? I put on a bit of weight.”

She continued: “He’s broken down over this. And I was glad about that. I found him in the shower curled up in a little ball. He was crying his eyes out.”

Katie and Kieran.

And continued: “I wanted to focus on having a healthy baby rather than ending another marriage, so I decided that I would have our child and help Kieran through his therapy.”

So let’s recap. This is a 36-year-old mother of five who thinks her husband cheated on her because she got fat and he cried when everyone found out he was a sex addict.

Look. Katie Price is one of those dubious celebrities. You’re not sure exactly why she’s famous, you know it’s probably something to do with getting naked, and you weirdly recall how she used to go by the name ‘Jordan’ for no clear reason.

Her cheating, sex-addicted husband is even less relevant.

The fact that Katie Price blames herself for her husband’s infidelity isn’t high on your To Care About list.

But all of that aside, here is a woman who thinks putting on a little bit of weight – when she was pregnant – somehow made her husband cheat on her. She’s the mother of his children, and the women he shagged were her best friends.

Does this mean women think like this? Is it possible that ordinary women are blaming their appearance for their partner’s behaviour? Is this a thing?